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Welcome to Azzcat Design, the virtual home of Catherine Azzarello…the Azz and the Cat, in case you were wondering.


You have an idea. I’ll work with your team to develop your concept for optimal user experience. From sketches & wireframes to iterative prototypes & production code, I’ll help build your product.

old photo of Catherine

The Back Story

I’ve been designing and creating for decades, beginning as a fine artist (BFA drawing & painting) back in the day when the Steves were working on a computer in their garage. After university, I worked as a production artist in Chicago, kerning type with an exacto blade. My first computer was a Commodore 64, on which I created raster ‘paintings’. As I recall, cmd + z was only good for one move! Still, I was determined to work with new technology, and soon became the first ‘Computer Graphics Designer’ at my new job. Among my duties (besides creating illustrations & AV presentation slides) was to beta test/babysit the $150K behemoth on which I worked. The computer was so fussy, it required its own climate-controlled office. Fun times!

After that, I moved to a branding & package design studio in Chicago where we worked on early Macs using Illustrator. The software wasn’t yet robust enough for production (the printing industry had yet to catch up) but it was clearly headed in that direction. ’Desktop Publishing’ was also becoming mainstream. Remember Pagemaker? Yeah, I owned it before the naming convention included a version number. (FYI: Pagemaker was by Aldus, later purchased by Adobe, which morphed into InDesign.) In any case, *real* design studios back then used Quark. As I recall, Quark was pretty awful, user experience-wise.

From there, it was family time. After birthing 3 babies, I tried working remotely, but the internets were still on dial up. So I kept up to speed with volunteer work, producing newsletters, teaching art, painting , design & illustration projects. ‘Designing’ was always part of my day-to-day…gardens, home additions, interiors…wherever something was needed to function better & look great.

As the internet (and my children) grew up, broadband allowed me to work from home. Website design was a logical path, with more growth potential than print. HTML & CSS fascinated me. And so, the ‘Computer Graphics Designer’ became a ‘Designer/Front-End-Developer’ or ‘Devsigner’ or (my personal fav) ‘Digital Ephemera Chef’.

Turns out, I excel at ‘The Job that Cannot be Named’. (My children are of the Harry Potter era.) I’m a generalist, in that I can take projects from planning through production (apps, static sites or CMS projects, like WordPress). I’m a specialist in designing in the browser, in that I can take a rough concept directly to code, working mobile-first. In addition, I totally rock working with a small team to get an MVP up and running–while advocating for usability, accessibility & simplicity.

So, call me a designer. Or a front-end developer. Or a unicorn.
Or, simply call me to be part of your team.