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Welcome to Azzcat Design!

Azzcat Design is a small NE Portland, OR web development studio. We work remotely with clients across the US. Our principal, Catherine Azzarello, specializes in responsive design & front-end development for the web and HTML5 applications. With Catherine’s extensive experience (30+ years design/10+ front-end) she is–according to some–a unicorn. ;-)

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We are partial to projects where we work closely with stakeholders to design & develop their product. Early integration of design thinking & iteration make for the optimal user experience. We’re fans of agile methodologies, object-oriented design, and future-friendly code.

Note: Yes, we’re well aware that this site isn’t completely mobile-friendly. It’s over 4 years old and we’ve been very, very busy building sites & apps for clients–cobbler’s children. ;-)

screen grab
screen grab

Wurl Bridge API Prototype

This Keynote touch-prototype with video clips illustrates how Wurl's Bridge API would integrate with an Electronic Programing Guide (EPG) and/or Video on Demand (VOD) service. Created for demo use at INTX Conference, 2015 where Wurl was an INTXHACK partner.

screen grab
screen grab

Wurl Bridge Browse Prototype

This mobile-first demo-ware demonstrates the Wurl Bridge API. Search by movie, TV or actor/actress name for related online video content and review those video clips. Visit Bridge Item Browse

screen grab
screen grab

Wurl Bridge App

This prototype illustrates Wurl's Bridge, which brings together linear TV with online video on set-tops or connected devices. View prototype.. Note: primary use intended for D-pad navigation on television monitor, integrated with streaming video content.

screen grab
screen grab

Wurl Alma App

Alma brings together Wurl's hosted HTML5-based applications into one convenient UI to connect linear & OTT viewing. Learn More.. Note: primary use intended for D-pad navigation on remote for laid-back viewing.

screen grab
screen grab

Wurl Andrea App

This responsive application for following & watching Over-The-Top (OTT) content is built on Foundation framework with SCSS. Mobile version of prototype includes offcanvas sliding panels. View demo.. Mentioned by Nagra at ~1:46. YouTube video.

screen grab
screen grab
screen grab

Wurl Developers Desktop

This responsive Ruby on Rails site documents using the Wurl API for developers. SASS framework based on Zurb's Foundation. Visit

screen grab
screen grab
screen grab

Wurl API

This multi-faceted project for the Palo Alto startup, Wurl, Inc. used Facebook’s Open Graph API. Azzcat Design works with the team, using Agile Development, Git & Sass.

screen grab
screen grab

Custom WordPress

The first was a bare-bones, not mobile-friendly site. When Catherine joined the team, she built a responsive WordPress site based on static 960-grid comprehensives from another designer. This image is from that iteration. Wurl has since pivoted and Catherine rebuilt their site in 2013.
Visit the current iteration of

Custom Website Redesign

This is a redesign of the client’s original site. The goal was to simplify and better organize realty content and provide portals to client’s YouTube videos and blog (also by Azzcat Design). Custom javascript to pull in dynamic blog content by Michael Bubbo.
Visit Frankly Realty.

Logo Design & Custom WordPress Theme, HTML5

Website for designer eyewear store in Bridgeport Village, OR. Azzcat Design responsible for web design, front-end development, branding (including logo, signage & direct marketing materials). Honorable Mention by The CSS Awards. Featured on One Extra Pixel.
Visit Eye Styles.

Custom WordPress Theme

Custom design & front-end dev. Nominated for 2009 Inman Innovator most innovative blog award. Client selected as the Inman Innovator of the Year!
Visit Frankly Realty Blog.

Logo & Custom WordPress Redesigns

This project was a complete overhaul–including branding, site structure and custom theme design, development & maintenance by Azzcat Design. Includes a ‘mother’ site and 5 ‘venue’ sites for specific conventions. Responsive design with fluid layout.
View a screen grab of ‛before’.

Experienced Designer

Been there. Done that!

From small design studios to corporate headquarters to solo entrepreneur, Catherine has a wealth of project experience, including:

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I hesitate to recommend Catherine because I'm afraid others will hire her and she'll have less time for us!
Catherine is, hands down, the best web (and mobile-web) front-end developer I've ever worked with. Good web developers are hard to find. Great ones, like Catherine, are worth 10x whatever you pay them.

—Sean Doherty, CEO, Wurl, Inc.


The saying, “Your company is only as good as your website,” holds very true for companies at the mercy of their web designer. My experience with Azzcat Design has been outstanding! Catherine Azzarello, owner of Azzcat Design, is quick to make changes and add items to our website upon our request. She has been great to work with when last minute changes to our site are required. I love her accessibility and willingness to communicate with me. She absolutely knows what she is doing and has helped me reach a higher level of customer service for our clients. She is accurate and efficient. I am very thankful to know Catherine is there when I need her.

—Kim McMillan, Exhibitor Coordinator, Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc.

Improved SEO and UI

Many pages of the original site used images for copy, not HTML—resulting in poor SEO & usability. Total pages were reduced by half, though content increased by 10. Thoughtful UI design improved SEO, accessibility and ease of content updates.
Visit Patrick J. Murphy Organs.

Former Site & Blog

This is the 2009 version of Azzcat Design’s website and blog. We like to switch it up every now and then!

Brings Concepts to Reality

Catherine is a creative designer who was able to bring concepts to reality in a punctual manner. We have received great feedback from our website design as well as our logo, both created by Catherine.

—Phil DeYoung, EyeStyles, llc.

Fun to Work With

Azzcat Design did a great job on my website, and was easy and fun to work with. Very responsive to all my feedback. Was straightforward about the timeline, and met the deadlines as promised.

—Matt Clark, Matt Clark Music

Yields Pragmatic Results

Catherine is one of those rare service providers who combine superlative talents with reliable personal service and yields pragmatic results. I am a very demanding and particular company owner. Catherine has shown me she is one whose opinion and talents can be depended upon and trusted.

—Pat Murphy, Owner at Patrick J. Murphy & Associates Inc. Organbuilders
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