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Logo: Brick & Mortar & Open for Business!

November 29th, 2009

Eye Styles Now Open

When last I wrote about logo design, I was performing logo triage to repair botched logo design by an online ‘service’, See my earlier 3-part blog. Just this week, the exterior signs were installed, the business cards delivered, and coupons printed. Next week, we’ll be printing an A-board sign while I work on the website.

Here’s a peek at the products. Note: I DO NOT have professional photography equipment. So give me a break on the photos!

Business Cards
Business Cards and Coupons

window copyPaper stock: 100# PC100 Natural Environment Cover. This paper is 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste). The 100# cover is thick enough for the nice deboss effect, yet thin enough to run through digital printer. We’ve pre-printed and debossed 2000 cards for future employees. When hired, we can digitally print the EE name (250) as needed. Owner, doctors and non-individualized cards are printed, debossed and die cut as shown.

Since the paper stock was special ordered, we used some of the overage for digitally-printed coupons for local mall EEs and related business. The coupons were printed 3-up, no bleed to best utilize the existing 8.5″ x 11″ stock.

And on Thanksgiving Day, the mall added exterior window signage just in time for Black Friday shoppers! >>>

Next up on to do list is the website.

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