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Logo Critical Care & Stabilization

November 3rd, 2009

Back for part three of my logo intervention series. What did I show the client?

Be patient! First, let me review a few key points…

  • The shop is selling high-end eyewear in one of the state’s top malls.
  • Mall signage requirements are first and foremost concerns.
  • Logo will need to be reproducible in single color at small size for tags/fax/collateral/window sandblasting.

Also worth noting is that most of the existing mall store signs are “logotypes” as some might say. (That is, they’re words that identify a company with type.)

Give Me an “E”

So, having decided that the logo would be built from the words, I pulled up my trusty MyFonts album that I’d put together earlier for the other logo design company. MyFonts allows you to browse fonts based on many different style tags. You can also play around with your specific words—perfect way to shop for the best “e”! I played with a variety of capitalization and lower-case options in various fonts/weights. Next step was saving the .gif images from the site and importing into Photoshop.

Note: This is the equivalent of downloading low-res, watermarked comps from image sites—I get to explore ideas for comprehensives. I purchase the font for final art and client use.

Next I played around with the .gif files in Photoshop and on tracing paper, working out possibilities. Normally, I’d work the roughs more, put them away for a few days, returning with a fresh eye—and slashing the weak ones. But being in a hurry, I wasn’t yet ‘objective’ and not ready to slash and burn. So I sent the following roughs for client feedback:

set01logo set02logoset03

From Left: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3.

logo set04logo set05logo set06

From Left: Set 4, Set 5, Set 6.

(Also threw in a bit of color just for juxtaposition—not a color statement.)

Speed Dating…Logo Style!

On the phone, we quickly dismissed set 5. Client didn’t care for set 2 (though I still kinda like the Mondrian feel to it…) so CUT. Set 4 was slashed next, along with top two options on set 3. Set 1 was feelin’ the love…but? Set 3’s last option was deemed too thin, but very “Bridgeport” (the mall). Out to set 6’s first and third options. Client was liking middle option w/green circle on set 6…but I wasn’t feelin’ the love—too ‘pedestrian’ for Bridgeport.

So it was down to set 1 (bottom) and set 3’s last option. Set 1 is kind of cool and quirky—but—more ‘Pearl District’ than ‘Bridgeport Village’. So Set 3, last choice, it was!

Next Step…Final Art

Yeah, I know…NOT the usual logo project. Not the usual client. The clock ticking. Purchase font (Circa), fire up Illustrator and away we go.

Art for sign? Check!



Above are the signage submission images from Meyer Sign Co. I love how it’s so easy for client to visualize the sign on the actual storefront!

Business Cards? Check!


I’ll have images of finished cards in a few weeks…going with a classy deboss on 100% PCW 100 lb. cover stock. Yummy! Paper on order, hiring in process and final art to printer ASAP!

In Conclusion

While I would have liked a bit more time than the ’emergency’ week to fully explore and develop the identity for Eye Styles, LLC, I think that we did alright. The patient (logo) was seen in time and is doing fine now—thanks to a little emergency treatment. Sometimes all it takes is a little knowledge of the design fundamentals!

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