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Logo Triage and Emergency Art Direction

October 28th, 2009

Based on my last post, you know that the logo process wasn’t going well for Eye Styles. Though I shared 11 of the other logo company’s options, there were actually 14 pages of comps, each with 3 options, for a total of 42 logo comps. WOW!

Too bad volume doesn’t equal value.

Cheap Logo Suppliers Don’t Invest in Fonts!

One of my primary criticisms of the comps were the incredible lack of interesting fonts used in their comps: Avant Garde, Times Roman, Copperplate, Eurostyle, and my all-time fav: Helvetica. Hoo Ya! And the k e rn i n g! (Don’t get me started!)

Anyway, after spending a couple of hours writing art direction comments, I figured I’d better offer some font options–because this logo company wasn’t anywhere near on target. So, I fired up MyFonts and put together an extensive album of font possibilities, complete with design notations.

MyFonts has some cool search and visualizing features. I typed in style tags and browsed fonts that displayed “EyeStyles”. I then saved to an album of the same name, adding design notes to each entry. I shared this album with my friend, so he could see the fonts I was talking about and share with the logo company.

Note: you’ll need to sign up for a free account w/MyFonts in order to view my eyestyles album.

Did They Get It Right????

I spent the next week worrying about my friend’s logo and if I was going to cringe every time I went to the mall in the future…

But, bad service being what it is…the online logo company dropped the ball. No reply. No comp revisions. None. (A little whining about not having that many fonts. What????)

My other project delivered, I now had time to help.

I worked through the weekend, sending 6 pages of roughs to my friend (and client) for review.

He was pleased.

I’ll share my design process (albeit rushed!) next post.

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