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Are “Good Browsers” Greener?

August 16th, 2010


I was in the shower and just thinking…“gosh, I DO enjoy a good long hot shower…too bad it makes me feel GUILTY!…gotta conserve resources…but I had a great idea for an article…and I really think creatively while hot water beats on the back of my neck…but I REALLY should make this shower short, sweet and eco-friendly…hey, I wonder if IE is eco-friendly?…Hahahaha…%&#%IE!…NO!, really…isn’t IE less ‘green’ ????

So now that my high school English teacher has rolled over in her grave from my run-on sentence, I will ask: Isn’t IE less green than other browsers? Or, specifically—is it worth the resources that IE requires to play nice on the 2010 internets?

No IE6/No-Brainer!

As a solo designer/developer, I do not support IE6. Not worth it for my expertise, and certainly not worth it for clients to pay me to ‘fix’ a site for IE6. I figure if Google is NOT supporting IE6…what the hey? Me, neither!

For IE7 & 8, my stance is that I design/develop to exploit the ‘good’ browsers’ capabilities without losing functionality within 7&8. So…no box-shadows, round corners, color gradations, transforms, etc., plus a few javascript shims and CSS conditional comments.

Anyway, I was wondering…just how many additional resources ARE sucked up to make IE play nice?

Please, do tell! Below is a starting point:

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