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Just Say NO! to IE6

January 23rd, 2009

It was time to redesign my website. And I was into it! So I began a simple process—after all, I’m an easy client!

Step 1—Design
Step 2—Code in standards-compliant browser (Firefox!)
Step 3—Upload & enjoy!


I ask myself “shouldn’t you just peek at the site in IE?” OK, twist my arm and start up Parallels. Open IE7, load site–hey, it’s OK. Rock and roll! But it got me thinking that I should have people test my site/contact form before I unveil it to EVERYONE. No problem! So I request hubby (and anyone else in his office) to look and click. We’ll be done by noon ;-)

Not so fast.

Weird things are happening.


I’ll tell you why…I. E. (f***ing) 6. That’s why! IE6. Ugh!

Main problem–IE6 doesn’t support PNG files. My site is RIFE with PNGs. Modern browsers support transparent alpha layers. I used transparencies 30 years ago in serigraphy. I used transparencies 20 years ago in print. I used transparencies 10 years ago in painting. And I’m damn well gonna keep using transparencies in web! What to do? (I’m not about to make a separate style sheet—I’ll tell you that much!)

So, I follow a Google trail. Find Dean Edwards’ script called IE7 that’s supposed to make IE6 behave like IE7. Cool, though that’s like getting a toddler partially potty trained—OK during day, but filling diaper at night—you still gotta clean up (IE7) poop! Turns out that even with the script, IE6 doesn’t recognize PNG background positioning. :b

Several hours go by. And it’s time to ask—do I care? Really, what’s the point of hours spent on making my site look right in IE6? (Translation: do I want to sell my services to a client who doesn’t use modern browsers? Answer: not so much.)

OK. Give up caring about IE6. However…I do spend a little time tweaking the style sheet so the partially potty-trained kid (IE7) won’t poop all over my site. In meantime, I find a great article by Jeremy Keith that supports my decision to abandon IE6.

End of lesson:

I now pledge to: not design, code, or further worry about IE6. Ever! After all, I work with XHTML and CSS. I drive an automatic transmission car. I use a kick-ass food processor. And I have a brand-new MacBookPro. I have modern technology. I love modern technology—and I WILL use it.

Here’s a “less emotional” validation for quitting IE6 ;-)

February 26, 2009: And here’s more support for ditching IE6:

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